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Ego Traps - How Are You Getting In Your Own Way?

Put simply, our ego is a set of survival strategies, based on our experiences commonly from our childhood where we have
Fitness & Health

7 Ways to Quieten Our Inner Critic

Let's face it; we can all be prey to self-criticism. The more we step out of our comfort zone and take on being a leader
Business & Finance

Are You Listening Or Waiting To Speak?

I often hear people around me exclaim how important it is to listen, yet what happens in reality is that we human beings
Fitness & Health

Leading With Head And Heart

As we transition to the next phase of this pandemic a key feature of our return to work is the rising anxiety many
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Choose: Automatic Pilot Or Conscious Leader?

Cast yourself back to a time when you were learning something new. For example, your first ever driving lesson.