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James Bond Film No Time To Die Delayed Yet Again

The Bond Movie “No Time to Die” has been further pushed back to April 2021. This was Daniel Craig’s last role as 007. Al
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What Does The Future Hold For UK Retailers

It was a tough year in 2020 where UK retailers suffered the biggest decline in 25 years due to the closure of non-essent
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Dame Joan Collins ‘Uncensored' Diaries To Be Published By W&N In October 2021

The Uncensored & Unapologetic Diaries Of Joan Collins will contain no holds barred insights into other celebrities and “
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Influencers Holidaying And Partying Despite Lockdown Restrictions

Among the crowd of influencers abandoning their own country’s restrictions, and predisposing themselves to this new high
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Jennifer Aniston – The New Face Of Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins announced that the Emmy-Award-Winner actress would not only be the face of the brand’s newest campaign, “
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Game-Changing Em.Power Bands

Emily is a fitness and lifestyle blogger on a mission to empower women to feel strong, both in and out of the gym. Her h
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Time Travel Netflix Movie - The Adam Project

Netflix has amassed no less than two superheroes for their latest film, The Adam Project, starring Marvel’s Mark Ruffalo
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Kylie Jenner's – The Grinch Who Stole The Christmas Collection

The Grinch collection is a collaboration with Dr Seuss's literary estate. This makeup collection is loaded with 19 produ