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Seven Ways To Reconnect With Your Children

Quality time Don’t mistake quantity for quality, 10 minutes of laughing, joking, feeling and connecting is far more qual
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The Fine Line Between Banter And Bullying

Speaking to my daughter and son a few years go I posed the following scenario, “you have three people in your life, some

Skill Building for Resilience against Bullying

I recently spoke with a parent about the impact of bullying on her child and she said something that got my attention,
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Finding Heart Happiness

My life has always been pretty good, when the need took me I went travelling, I worked abroad or moved jobs. I consider
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Helping children make sense of their behaviour

As parents we often get caught up in the current situation, needing to see to the practical stuff, so when the situation
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Is It Sadness Or Depression?

This was me travelling home from a holiday in France in 2015, stopped at a rest stop, I just wanted to get home. My head
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Confident Kids Get Anxiety Too

Let's begin with understanding what anxiety and depression are like from the inside out.
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How To Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety is such a big thing to live with, something you can’t really describe to people in way they would understand.