Why You Should Consider Becoming A Franchise


The Beginning

In the ambivalence of what tomorrow withholds, starting up with a new business might seem like impossible and border line – crazy. Stepping out of the 9/5 comfort zone requires the solid background, understanding, connections and know-how of your niche. There is a way to start even if you don’t have all the necessary segments to run your business. It’s called franchise and it’s here to take care of all the hustle for you.

My name is Rune Sovndahl - an entrepreneur and my latest startup evolved into UKs largest stop shop for all domestic hustles. With a solid client based of 150K clients in London, the company has paved their way into secured and exciting future. Fantastic Services is the rooftop for more than 500 franchises who run their business in partnership with the company.

The "Aha" moment

In every entrepreneur story there is this “Aha” moment – when everything connects. To me it happened after an extended stay in Australia where back in the days franchise was more popular than on the island. I brought back the idea to my start-up and 10 years later the company goal for this year is to reach 100 franchises with 1 million pounds turnover. We believe in the possibility to really reach a million pound benchmark of turnover yearly and we are looking for people who understand the added value to a solid partnership.

The Wrap-up

“Most people do not have the 5-7 years for R&D of their market, make all the technology work and constantly pivot. Our franchise model opens the possibility to be an entrepreneur but in a safer environment. Think of it like that – if you would like to go ahead and buy the car to drive it rather than inventing the car yourself, then franchising should be the plan. It’s for everyone who would like to reap the rewards of their personal time yet be successful entrepreneur.”

Becoming a franchisee buys you time, industry knowledge, operations, research and development - all the components that are crucial to business success. So making excuses and pulling tons of reasons of how you are not ready for it... well, just do it.

Jan 18, 2021

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