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When Is It A Good Time To Talk To A Man?


As a qualified relationship expert and matchmaker, I have interviewed thousands of men and women and the saying "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus" is true.

Men and women are quite different, although I have to excuse the only man who I don't believe is human Piers Morgan, he can talk the hind legs off a donkey! Although you have got to love him!  The man never lies, he is what he is.

Women communicate around 20,000 words a day, a man will communicate around 7000 words a day, so that is why women need to talk to friends and have time talking with their best friends it's just in their DNA. We can't help ourselves we just love to talk.

So when do you talk to a man? Girls I am into girl power but there are times to talk to him and there are times to park what might be the most important thing you want to talk about. Men just don't think like we do and don't expect them to as it wont happen.

You need to be direct and not provide too much information if it is something important you want to talk to them about. Always have an outcome, always write it down, always get him to agree.

Girls let face it if he was watching football or golf, I guarantee he won't give a s**t about what you're talking about.

Pick your moments, most men have big hearts and are really honest, but most men don't have a fricking clue when they have upset a woman and no idea why. Don't jump the gun he might just be clueless.

So STOP, if you have something very important to you that you want to discuss, do it when it's just the two of you, and do it when you are around the dinner table or the bedroom as you have no distractions - then you will have his full attention, ladies always do it with a smile on your face, as our men love it when we are happy.

By the way, it does make me laugh when I get a woman who says to me "he just doesn't get me". Wake up, they don't, men have no clue what you are thinking, every man I have ever interviewed wished they did know what you are thinking about, so have faith in that.

Do you want to reboot your relationship, try this, Alpha dating, my idea? I think so! just get sexy, when you met your man he thought you were the most incredible charismatic person on the planet and he still does, sometimes we can all get a little bit lost. There is something called Oxytocin it's a chemical it makes us crazy in love.

This is a way to put the excitement, mystery, and fun back into your relationship by going week by week (or month by month) and taking it in turns to go through the alphabet, coming up with a different date beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

For example, ‘A’ could be for ‘archery’; and you can go and have a giggle and a day out.

And it doesn't have to always be an adventure. It can be something different in the bedroom - or going to a new location for a romantic night away. It's the element of surprise and something you can both look forward to. Use your creativity and make it personal to you both.

A - Ascot Racecourse cheeky day & night away which will be fun.

B - Brighton seaside stroll along the beach hand in hand, sharing a bag of chips!

C - C*** ring - try something new in the bedroom, this is a great toy for you both…

D - Dressing up to go out and dressing to kill in the bedroom…. An evening of intimacy and fun.

E - E is for eating either go out to eat or better still cook at home and go edible novelty toys.

F - Dare I say this but if your man loves fishing find out what his ultimate fishing experience and take him out for the day.

Hopefully, you get the idea of Alpha dating.

So many relationships break down as they lack the three elements that are key to a successful and long-lasting bond: FUN, INTIMACY, and COMMUNICATION.

Get these three well balanced and you should stay happy in your relationship.

Lots of Love Lisa X

Nov 17, 2020
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