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Top Beauty Trends for 2021



There has always been a close link between skincare and selfcare. Lockdown has definitely galvanised this trend and it's set to continue into 2021.

We will all be looking to our skincare to offer us sanctuary as well as efficacy. Replenishing our skin helps elevate our mood and our energy levels. This year will be all about self care and beauty will take on an increasingly holistic approach. We will demand more from our beauty products  - not only must they make us look good, they need to make us feel good as well.

2020 saw people taking more care of their beauty regimes and investing in good creams, oils and face products to balance their skin. This will continue into 2021 and for this reason, over-coverage, heavy and unnatural make-up will be replaced with "clean", lightweight foundations and more natural skin will definitely trend for 2021.

This new mood for minimalism, together with people’s growing desire to protect our fragile environment and reduce waste, will see cosmetic bags reduce to a few hard-working essentials and we will see softer finishes and more finger-tip application.

Despite this cleaner, more natural look, lockdown has also stimulated a lot of creativity. We have seen a huge shift and a renewed sense of excitement for using beauty as self-expression. Beauty will become more glamorous but in a modernised and refreshed way. We’re about to see a return to ‘effortless beauty’  that is cool and self-assured and maybe less obvious.


If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we all love a trip to the hairdressers not only for that all important haircut, but also because it helps transform and uplift our mood. When many of our clients made it back into the salon after lockdown, many opted for a safety cut in preparation for future lockdowns, and the bob became one of our most requested cuts of the year. So what is our prediction for 2021?

People will continue to embrace their natural texture as opposed to having to rely on straightening and tonging. The hair styles of 2021 will embrace those cuts that just fall into place and require very little maintenance. The low-fuss, air-dry cut will be as important as ever - so I predict that there will be more bobs and lots of invisible layers that you can leave to dry. There will also continue to be an emphasis on curls and texture.

In addition, grown-out fringes have become very trendy. Our shift to more low-maintenance hair has meant that more of our clients have gone from having a proper fringe to something that’s looser and more grown-out.


The impact of the pandemic will linger well into the new year and 2021 is still uncertain as far as us all getting back to ‘normal’ is concerned. However, a couple of nail trends are sure to continue including many at-home manicure techniques like press-on nails.

This easy DIY manicure technique flourished during the shutdown of salons and many nail artists began commissioning custom press-on sets to send directly to their clients. I predict that in 2021 more people will give it a go. It is so easy to change the shape, style, and shade of press-on sets. They last reasonably well and you can have fun experimenting if you are stuck indoors.

Another nail trend which I think will reign is the multi-coloured manicure. I have great fun with it. I think women will want to express their creativity and individuality more than ever by painting each of their nails a different colour or shade of colour. It is bold and draws attention to your hands and let’s face it, there’s no end to the different potential takes on this trend – there are just so many colours and shades to choose from!

Jan 4, 2021
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