Top 6 Social Media Influencers On Instagram


A social media influencer is the mainstream, influential person in social media networks, who promote products and services of a brand. You can also define social media influencer as a person who works in a certain industry and collaborates with followers in it.

Influencers have a long history of marketing. Initially, companies used compelling figures like celebrities and athletes to help sell their products through television and radio ads. The rise of social media has made other types of influencers more popular, such as the below:

1.             Cristiano Ronaldo

It has been reported that Renaldo is the most ardently followed footballer across the world earning far more from his role as an Instagram influencer than the Juventus soccer megastar and Pokerstars combined.

Ronaldo is one of the highest-paid Instagram influencers, making $750,00 per sponsored post. His 227M followers are privy to several of those sponsored posts.

Some time ago when he scored the 700th goal of his career (combined country and club) in Portugal’s 2-1 defeat at the hands of Ukraine, during their qualifying match for UEFA Euro 2020. He instantly took to Instagram and celebrated his achievement, sharing with everyone a two and a half minute video of some of the greatest goals of his career.

Ronaldo constantly posts on his Instagram and he keeps his fans committed to his content with regular updates on his life.

2.             Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has become a powerful influencer thanks to her 183M followers. Being a versatile woman, she flaunts her modelling, socialite status, and makeup empire through her Instagram posts. She also makes good money off sponsored posts too. Again, making her one of the highest hottest paid Instagram influencers around.

Brands can expect to pay at least a six-figure fee to work with the youngest member of the Kardashian family and as her popularity continues to grow, things are sure to stay this way.

Jenner promotes her own products. She is always seen showing off her newest makeup kits. It's helpful for your business to show the people behind your brand, using or demonstrating your products.

It is safe to say that Kylie is still one of the most influential people on social media right now.

3.             Selina Gomez

The queen of pop, rock, television series and certainly our hearts, Selena Gomez continues to entertain us all. Selena has established herself as the pop icon as she thrives through her singing and acting career. She is now fast becoming a positive and inspiring influential personality.

Selena also established herself as an entrepreneur as she founded her production agency ‘July Moons Production’ in 2008 and became the driving force behind the screening of the famous Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why.

With over 181M followers the award-winning singer has often used her social to promote charitable causes such as her initiative against human trafficking and protecting children from violence.

It is no secret that Selena is one of the world’s most highly paid influencers and is definitely a hot target for brands and organisations to appoint her as their promotional campaigns lead. Due to her charming and alluring personality, and also her massive fan following, Selena has for sure established herself as the ideal influencer that all brands and companies are dreaming of.

4.             Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan has formed an empire of fans who have followed her every step towards entrepreneurial success within the beauty industry. Being both founder and CEO of her own cosmetics line, Huda Beauty, she has transformed the world of beauty and make-up step by step throughout her journey and is arguably the world’s most influential beauty expert, with a wide-ranging social media outreach. She started as a blogger and has transformed her Instagram page, to gain 45.2M followers for the makeup tutorials she puts out.

Instagram is the ideal outlet to promote your brand. Huda Kattan’s great online presence has made her aware of social media’s strength. Thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and of course, her blog, she has become a trustful source of information to many, helps many women embrace makeup and regularly educates them via videos. She maintains strong and positive relationships with other beauty brands and followers via her blog - which also happens to be her online shop.

She is one of the fastest-growing names in the beauty industry, and to this day, one of the most important beauty influencers in the world.

5.        Zach King

Zach King is best-known for his videos that appear as though he is doing magic. Much of his best works last for a minute or less and are most widely viewed on digital platforms, where they compete with lip-synching teenagers and eruptions of Mentos dropped in diet Coke. King is the third most popular content creator on TikTok, with 43 million followers and rising! He typically posts challenges and video tutorials to his YouTube channel. King has 23.3M followers on Instagram and 7.1M Youtube subscribers. Yet, numbers aside, the thing that really sets King apart are the films he makes. Everything he posts is designed to get you to laugh or smile, making life's stresses easier to contend with.

Zach King is dominating the casual content game. People want to see light-hearted content in their feed. So try sharing the occasional meme or quote that relates to your business but will make your followers smile and maybe even send it to their friends. While cinemas remain empty across the world, viewings for his videos have risen by 50%. And, even as the world gets back to something like normal, King still knows where his calling lies.

6.             Cameron Dallas

Cameron has not only worked as a model, actor and singer but is also a web star. His videos range from shorts to song previews as he also dabbles with music. His internet fame even landed him a show on Netflix, Chasing Cameron.

Though he is more popular on Vine and YouTube than he is on Instagram, his 21.5M followers suggest he isn’t doing too badly! He fell from grace last year when he became addicted to drugs and alcohol due to massive public pressure.

A year on and now he is clean and sober and released his latest track “Dangerous” in March. Onwards and upwards.

His posts have charismatic, personal touches to them, which helps users connect with him. Dallas proves that showing off your personality and interests can gain you a significant fandom.

-    End    -

N.B. If you want to grow your social media, find a great influencer that can attract followers to your social media network or website. Really crucial for your brand is their ability to build engagement across your core audience and strengthen it day-by-day.

Jul 3, 2020

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