Top 5 Software Services To Help Start A Business In 2021


Despite the general economic downturn caused by the pandemic, the UK’s tech sector went from strength to strength during the second half of 2020, and is forecast to continue growing in 2021.  Added to this, figures from Companies House show that 85,000 more companies started up in 2020 than did so in 2019.

But what are some of the best tools on the market to help start-ups succeed? Here are some of the essential software providers that can help super-charge a business in its early first months.

Manage your finances with… QuickBooks

In one simple subscription start-ups can take care of their taxes, payroll, invoices, bills and expenses. Trusted by 4.5 million small businesses, QuickBooks helps maximise tax savings and offers secure and up-to-date analysis of where your business stands in real-time. With the free QuickBooks mobile app you can also take your business with you.

Market your socials with… Hootsuite

Social media is one of the best ways for start-ups to start to build their brand, but with multiple channels it can be difficult with a limited staff number to manage them all.

Hootsuite is a platform that combines social campaigns all in one place and offers content scheduling, creation and monitoring - all essential aspects of small business marketing.  Hootsuite brings scale and expertise to your strategy and vision and has been used by a number of businesses in all different sectors.

Build your customer base with… HubSpot (CRM)

Building relationships with customers and tracking team progress is essential for any start-up. HubSpot provides not only CRM capabilities, but also features from report automation to sales tracking with reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performance. HubSpot offers both free and subscription-based plans.

Strengthen your brand with… Canva

Every start-up needs a strong brand image, and with Canva small businesses can take advantage of a wide range of design features in exploring its creativity. Easy-to-use graphic design tools, social media optimisation and real-time collaboration gives start-ups a design studio at their fingertips. Canva offers a selection of plans, including a free option with up to 5GB of cloud storage.    

Collaborate securely with… ONLYOFFICE

The online office suite from Ascensio Systems SIA is a rival to Microsoft Office and Google’s office suite. It comprises of document editors and collaboration tools, and with security features that protect company and client data start-ups are free to innovate and grow. ONLYOFFICE’s cloud capabilities and Android and iOS apps also compliment this service - designed with remote business in mind, they enable project management and document editing on-the-go.

There are a number of challenges faced by SMEs across all territories, so it is really encouraging to see this resilience and entrepreneurialism in the UK that has come out of the pandemic. There are numerous considerations and essential services required for new businesses to hit the ground running and it is always best to research into tools that work for you and your business. But hopefully this selection are a good starter for 10 for start-ups.

Jan 26, 2021

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