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The Georgia Edit – What Would We Do without Disney Movies for Kids


Georgia Jones, a full-time mum, more famously known on Instagram as ’The Georgia Edit, is a model, presenter, social media influencer and a former Miss England. She is married to Danny Jones, one of the lead vocalists and guitarists for the band McFly, and the couple welcomed their first baby, Cooper Alf Jones on 27th January 2018. 

She created her own YouTube series 'Bump' where she has an honest and open chat about parenthood. The first few series have been extremely successful with brands such as Ladybird sponsoring the series. Her YouTube channel discusses the brutal reality of having and raising children with her famous friends and celebrity guests.

Documenting her pregnancy journey on her YouTube channel The Georgia Edit became a huge success bringing many followers who loved her ‘Bump’ series, in which she talks about everything from preparing for labour, to what she packed in her hospital bag.

Georgia has well and truly made a name for herself online by using Instagram where she regularly posts about parenting, women’s health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle

She often spends her day doing posts about life as a wife and mother, documenting the real, honest truth of parenting and sharing cute snaps of her son, Cooper.

Her Instagram is full of her daily routines with her and Cooper and like most mums when they have all been there trying to clean the kitchen what do you do with a child that wants attention!  She believes it's ok to sit your child in front of the TV if it entertains them for a little while then they are and mum is happy. Everyone has different views, but there is no right or wrong way to keep your child amused.

It’s also ok if you're on a long car journey and want to stop the constant “mummy, mummy, MUMMY!!!” to put on their favourite cartoon on the IPad.

Some days parenting is hard and again it's ok if all you do is sit and eat treats on the sofa watching Disney movies snuggled with your little one.... 

Oct 12, 2020
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