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The Biggest Business Challenges for Entrepreneurs in the Music Industry With CWBY


When the average person thinks of being a part of the music industry, the images they tend to conjure up are those of rich and famous lifestyles. But, as most aspiring musicians can attest, living a life of luxury as a musician takes a ferocious amount of tenacity, undying ambition, and a whole lot of luck. That’s why most musicians have business ventures on the side and are hustling just to get by.

We caught up with CWBY, an entrepreneur and new artist on the music scene, to find out some of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs in the music industry.

Don’t Trust Anyone

CWBY hails from Florida, where he was born and raised. When he found his passion for music, though, he set out for Los Angeles, California, where he now resides. He lives a fast-paced lifestyle, recording his music while also managing a cannabis business.

Regarding the most significant challenge he’s faced so far in his career, he says it’s been the business side of things. “As an entrepreneur, I like to do most things by myself, but I know in this industry you need some help. Unfortunately, in LA, you get a lot of people who claim they can help, but they just end up taking advantage and taking your money.”

He had to go “through hell and back,” but in his seven years of being an entrepreneur in the music industry, he learned one of the biggest lessons in business: don’t trust anyone.

No Time for Yourself

The hook of CWBY’s first single, Trapstar, paints a picture for the listener of why he can’t be with them. He explains that his “fast-paced life in music and business barely leaves time for myself, let alone a relationship.”

As an independent person who is learning how to navigate the music industry while running a successful company and brand, being an entrepreneur in the music industry has left him with no free time. With the limited free time he does have, he prefers to spend it alone, working on things that will help him improve himself and his music, such as fitness, piano, and vocal lessons, and learning Spanish.

Work Hard and Don’t Give Up

CWBY has big plans for the future, including a new single release coming up on April 30th, and he’s not going to let anything get in his way. The two most significant pieces of advice that CWBY has for entrepreneurs in the music industry are to work hard and not give up. He’s spent plenty of time working 16- to 20-hour days and even lived out of a suitcase in motels. While he’s faced some significant challenges in the past, he doesn’t regret a moment because his experiences have shaped him into the man he is today. Although his career path has changed, he’s still clocking in just as much time and hard work to realize his dreams.

Apr 22, 2021
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