Social Star Lauren Dascalo Turned Her Social Platform into a 7-Figure Business


The entrepreneur and fitness model Lauren Dascalo is passionate about helping people and inspiring others through her content. Dascalo has a natural knack for content and is one of the most inspiring role models on social media.

Even though Lauren is only 22 years old, she already has an amazing track record of experiences behind her. Dascalo was a part of Jake Paul’s TEAM 10, which allowed her the chance to build invaluable relationships with influencers and role models.

It was at that time that Lauren discovered her passion for social media. She began posting content and that was received extremely well. She always aims to inspire and encourage people to push their limits and strive for better.

Lauren has created content and worked with stellar brands such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Revolve, and Bang Energy. Her relatability makes her a true force of nature in the area of social media.

Dascalo has big dreams. She wants to launch a sustainable business. The model plans on creating ebooks, online coaching courses, and a podcast. She wants to make complex topics available to the general public and to allow her followers a safe space to ask questions. Dascalo is passionate about healthy living and skincare, and she would love to launch a skincare brand in the near future.

The biggest driver behind Lauren’s success is her mindset. She manages to always remain positive. Dascalo bets on kindness and care. This is how she approaches every single project that comes her way.

Lauren’s most important advice to her fans and anybody following her is to remain authentic. This is how she finds her power and remains grounded. According to Dascalo, “Each person is unique and one of a kind. The best way to be successful in life is to capitalize on that strength. Nobody will have your personality so you should really lead with it.”

The entrepreneur also relies on consistency as the key to significant achievements. “You may have a great plan but if you aren’t consistent about achieving it, it just won’t pan out,” she shares.

Dascalo absolutely loves networking. She advises that lifting each other up and giving shoutouts to other entrepreneurs is the way to go. Lauren loves supporting other creators and she often receives messages telling her how she has inspired them to dream bigger. Lauren wants to encourage her fans to focus on finding their niches.

She says, “The best way to figure out your niche is to really pay attention to the things that excite you and light you up. Once you’ve got your idea, you’ll know.” She explains that the perfect niche for each person will come naturally. “It will never be forced,” she adds.

Lauren is big on creating a brand name for herself and all of her endeavors. “You have to distinguish yourself. Having a consistent brand voice when you create and post content will make you immediately recognizable,” she advises.

For more tips and news from Lauren Dascalo, follow her on Instagram.

Sep 15, 2020

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