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Sensitive Skin? Why You Should Be Using These Three Ingredients...


Consumers are increasingly viewing skin health like they do their diet according to new research1, so what does that mean for those of us with sensitive skin?

Spikes in people looking for the must-have skincare ‘ingredients’ are a clear indication that people are looking to ‘feed their skin the right things’ versus being swayed by fancy advertising or highly filtered Instagram images in their quest for great looking skin. It’s being termed "skintellectualism."

But what about people with sensitive skin, who still want the best ingredients but don’t want to risk a reaction of red, agitated skin?

I know first-hand how difficult it can be for sensitive skin sufferers to find skincare products that are gentle, yet highly effective, especially when it comes to trying out the very latest skincare formulations.

Ingredient-led skincare is taking the beauty industry by storm. But if your skin is on the sensitive side and prone to irritation it is important to look past the buzz words and branding and really understand everything that the product contains. Not everyone’s skin can withstand the added extras that often come with formulations that contain ‘sought after’ ingredients.

After struggling with sensitive skin and eczema my whole life, I spent years researching the very best ingredients for moisturising and hydrating the skin with gentle ingredients and then added them into my skincare range. So here are my secret skincare ingredients – which will leave skin feeling cared for and loved, without the risk of a flare up.

# 1 Prebiotics

Prebiotics have been associated with our gut and internal health for many years but they are now really gaining momentum as an essential skincare ingredient to help re-balance our skin microbiome, reducing dryness, itchiness, eczema, acne and even UV damage. In fact, according to trend forecasting company WGSN, searches for 'microbiome skincare' have increased by 1,050 percent in the last 12 months. The microbiome, or skin flora, is the first line of defence that our skin has so it makes a lot of sense to protect it.

Within this family is BioEcolia®, a pre-biotic which stimulates the development of the beneficial skin flora that your current regime could have thrown off balance. Used daily within a moisturiser it will help to protect and restore your skin.

# 2 Crystals

With unique powers that have been revered for centuries, crystals may not seem like the natural choice for a skincare ingredient but boy do they have some benefits! And with more and more people turning to holistic lifestyles, 2021 is set to be the year that science meets spirituality with supercharged and energised results.

Smithsonite and Rhodochrosite are particularly special and whether you are into crystals or not they have a beautiful meaning behind them which can only benefit you. Long understood as the stone for tranquillity, Smithsonite is used to help create serenity and calm. Rich in Zinc, it is thought to be a powerful stone, particularly important for calming and soothing in times of stress.

Beautifully pink in colour, Rhodochrosite is associated with the rose, a symbol of love. Used through history to help emotional healing, encourage self-love and compassion.

# 3 Good sugar

Let’s face it - sugar get bad press but what if it was, in fact, good for your skin? Good news.

Rhamnosoft®’ is a fermented sugar-based ingredient which protects and soothes. It is scientifically proven to boost skin comfort, with data to show that it stimulates pleasure molecules through a chemical reaction. You could say that it is the ultimate ingredient for happy skin!

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  1. Research by LookFantastic

Mar 14, 2021
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