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Patrick Hutchinson – Interview With Prince Harry


The Duke of Sussex, 36, spoke with Black Lives Matter activist, author and fitness trainer Patrick Hutchinson, 50, as part of GQ’s content in support of Black History Month. Also to launch this year’s GQ Heroes festival, the magazine’s annual summit of ideas, culture and thought leadership.

Many will remember Hutchinson if not through name, then at least for his actions and that photograph of him heroically carrying a white counter-protester out of harm’s way at a June BLM protest in London. MPs at the time described Hutchinson as representing ‘the best of human behaviour’.

In a very open conversation between the two men over Zoom, with Harry based at his home in Santa Barbara, California and Mr Hutchinson sitting in London, Prince Harry admitted that his  ‘upbringing and education did not equip him to understand the issue'.

Prince Harry also spoke about the lockdown and how it has affected so many people, in particular, for some men, saying: ‘I guess, everyone's been suffering from some form of isolation over the last eight, nine months, but for men who are isolated by themselves this can be a very dark place unless you know the different solutions or different distractions that you can put into your life i.e. whether it's going for a great walk or a run or just doing something that keeps you mentally and physically fit, so I love that.’

After becoming an "accidental hero", Mr Hutchinson decided with the friends who were with him at the protest in June to use the platform he was given to do good. He founded UTCA – United To Change and Inspire, in a bid to bring people together and overcome injustice and prejudice and champion equality for all.

Patrick told Harry: "we will have help from various pillars of the community that we are working with” and "we are hopeful that we can and will improve the lives of individuals within our community and those that live with us in our community because this is a class issue as well as a race one”.

Patrick said: “It was an absolute pleasure speaking to Harry on a 1-2-1 basis”.  “We just need one random act of kindness at a time to change the world, and if everybody did that, can you imagine what the world would be like”?


Oct 30, 2020
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