Megan Rose Lane – Empowering And Mindset Mentor Talks About Motherhood


Megan Rose Lane is a London-based mother, beauty blogger and speaker who is not afraid to show the real and un-edited side of social media. Her loyal following stems from her raw honesty, whether that’s regarding the beauty industries pressure to maintain ‘perfection’, body confidence, motherhood, or mental health and her personal experience of suffering with anxiety. 

Megan has an impressive following of over 230,000 followers, which is only on the increase. Her empowering and refreshing outlook has resulted in working with brands such as Amazon, Boots, Pampers, Panasonic and Headspace, to name just a few.

Megan is also the Co-Founder of She Grows, a transforming selection of workshops and events aimed at empowering women to live the life of their dreams!

Megan’s genuine sincerity of character makes her one of the most relatable and appealing people on social media.

Deep down (most of the time) she believes that this comes from a place of love, of wanting every child to be happy because what works for them ‘must’ work for everybody else - but it’s time to accept that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ parenting style. Everybody is unique. Every child is different. Every mother has different circumstances, which to be quite honest are absolutely none of anybody else’s business. As long as their baby is happy, healthy and loved, who the hell are we to judge?

Megan feels like she has been judged for having a messy house, for being single, for splitting her time with Esmé’s dad 50/50. She’s even been judged for having Esmé in her ads, and for having her on social media at all. The list is endless and here’s the thing, ‘if people genuinely cared about the welfare of my baby, they’d know that the biggest contributor to that happiness would be a HAPPY and empowered mother. Judgement doesn’t empower anyone. It instils guilt and shame, and no child is going to truly benefit from a disempowered mother who’s constantly questioning her own intuition’.

Share your story @megan_rose_lane about how you’ve been judged as a parent so we can hold space for some supportive and uplifting conversations around motherhood,  everyone who shares will be entered into a giveaway to win a baby grow from 
@cgbabyclub #lovedontjudge

Oct 8, 2020

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