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Maeve Madden – Booty Popping Angles


Maeve Madden is a Fitness/Commercial Model, Actress, Lifestyle Blogger, Personal Trainer, former Professional Dancer born and raised in Ireland. Hard work and dedication have seen Maeve successfully sign with modelling agencies in Europe, London and Ireland.

Maeve has been in Cosmopolitan Magazine, NoteBook, US Style, Women’s Health & Fitness. She was a columnist for Sunday World as she provided a six-part weekly article on all things health, fitness and beauty related.

The Irish beauty has successfully launched her PCOS guide after struggling with the condition herself, to help raise awareness and educate those suffering with the condition on exercise and nutrition tips. Alongside her successful guide, Maeve runs her ‘Maeve's Movement’ events over the UK and Ireland which brings groups of women together to workout, chat about all things related and is a space where her followers feel comfortable and confident to open up.

Recently, Maeve has put up an hilarious video on her Instagram page all about body angles.

We all love a perky peach day and exercise in the hope that the results provide us with a perky peach to show off.   But what about photo’s and videos capturing the angles? You don’t need to booty pop uncomfortably to the side to prove it, absolutely not!.

This is a TRICK which is incredibly common, especially when it comes to “you too can get this booty if you do these exercises”

We all know that there are plenty of Peachy Queens out there with insane glutes, but not everyone has those genes.  Maeve advises that the point is whatever you do, don’t waste your time comparing your body with anyone else’s body, especially pre-posed images.

Moral of the story :

  • In reality, not all bottoms are perfectly peachy
  • You can admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own
  • There is enough room for all the queens to be beautiful and intelligent
  • and successful in their own way.
  • Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.
  • Comparing yourself is just insulting to Mother Nature.

Oct 9, 2020
Fitness & Health

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