Life Coach Alessandro Cassano Brings Out The Best In People In The Worst Of Times


The importance of maintaining good physical and mental health has never been clearer than right smack in the middle of what is shaping up to be the worst pandemic the modern world has ever seen. Ironically, the strict lockdown measures and restrictions on movements have seen many fitness centres shut down, or at least suspend operations in the interest of safety.

At a time when facilities that serve to boost people’s health and mental wellness turned out to be scarce, personal trainer, self-defense instructor, and life coach Alessandro Cassano stepped up to the plate and took on the challenge of adapting to the new normal.

Even before the pandemic, Cassano was already a force to be reckoned with in the field of sports and wellness training. From being a black belt in karate and practising Wing Tsun, Alessandro went on to obtain a personal training diploma, among other certifications in metabolic training and weight loss training.

When the coronavirus started to spread, he had no choice but to temporarily limit the operations of his gym. But this doesn’t mean Cassano was ready to give up the good thing he had going. Instead, he switched to helping clients train in places where they feel the safestin their homes, mostly.

Alessandro began offering online sessions, in effect honing social media and technology skills he never once thought he’d have to master. After the initial shock of being hit hard by a crippling pandemic, the coach found himself in an opportune situation to expand his operations in a way he couldn’t have conceived of before.

To maximize his online reach, Cassano launched his website, gaining for himself a global audience to his training sessions, credentials, and classes. He likewise opened himself up to media interviews and speaking engagements to spread the word about his own personal brand of training, powered by his recent innovation: a unique training program called TRIVO.

Central to the TRIVO program is the idea that improving one’s physical state entails a prior commitment to improving their mental stability and wellness. Through this specialised program, he guides new clients through a five-to-six-session journey primarily dedicated to setting goals and mapping out ways to achieve them.

The program is now gaining worldwide attention, reminding people about the importance of slowing down, if only to pave the way forward carefully, leaving minimal room for setbacks and mishaps as people go through the process of getting fit or even improving as athletes.

With his clientele growing to worldwide levels amid the ongoing pandemic, Alessandro proves that nothing can get in the way of those who have committed themselves to the pursuit of greatness. Now, in the worst of times, Cassano continues to bring out the best in people by motivating them to take the first step to changing their lives forever.

If you’re ready to take that first step toward achieving greater health and personal success, you may follow Alessandro Cassano through his website at alexcassanocoach.com or his social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram at @alexcassanocoach.

Jan 22, 2021

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