Kevin Zhang Wants To Teach the World How Awesome eCommerce Can Be


Passion plays a large part in Kevin Zhang’s life. The eCommerce entrepreneur has built his success around favouring the long-term over short-term rewards, looking for ways to automate and build business infrastructure. It was his passion, however, that helped him figure out which products to sell, just as it was his passion that helped him work through the inevitable failures to learn lessons from them.

Still, it’s a passion for education that dictates how Kevin spends his time. Kevin’s eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Program offers education and mentorship to budding eCommerce entrepreneurs. It is an outlet for Kevin’s need to show people what’s great about eCommerce and how they can use it to change their lives.

The Early Lessons

The value of education might not have been evident to Kevin from his youngest days. His parents emigrated from China to the United States, where the type of education they had wasn’t recognized, and couldn’t afford them job opportunities. Many immigrants who have traversed the Pacific in search of better lives had the same story.

Through hard work, his parents managed to provide for Kevin and his brother. However, Kevin wasn’t too keen on the rigidness of the educational system, even though he liked to learn things. Like countless kids before him did, and sadly countless kids continue to do, he neglected his education in favour of gaming.

The thing that snapped Kevin out of the online gaming stupor was when he saw how bleak his outlook for getting into a college was. He hunkered down and did his best to get his grades up, doing so well that he was able to get into Vanderbilt University. He got a scholarship to make paying for college easier, and he decided to never let himself sink that low again.

Venturing Into the World of eCommerce

Kevin’s opinion about education didn’t change much during his college years. He did well in college—exponentially better than he ever did in high-school—but he noticed a problem that became glaringly obvious by the time he graduated. Kevin was on a track he didn’t want to be on.

His view of the excellent education he got at Vanderbilt was that it was preparing him to work in a nine-to-five job as an employee. Kevin understood that there’s nothing wrong with it and that, for the right kind of person, this is everything they could ever want from an education and a career. But Kevin wanted to stir things up, not settle for the status quo.

One of the things that caught his attention was the growing eCommerce industry. The world saw how it flourished while traditional retail was waning. Still, Kevin saw something else within it: a chance to stir things up and bring business opportunities to people who don’t usually get them.

The thing with eCommerce, as Kevin likes to say, is that it’s open to anyone. There isn’t any racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination going on because the customers and the entrepreneur never actually meet. It might not make people better or stop them from being bigoted, but eCommerce might give those who are on the receiving end of bigotry a fighting chance to make it, economically.

Bringing It Together

After the usual trials and tribulations someone entering a new industry is bound to experience, Kevin started seeing the results of his eCommerce efforts. Soon, he developed a model of doing business that proved to be highly successful. His business model was capable of showing results when replicated, so the next step came naturally.

Kevin developed the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Program to provide the kind of education and mentorship people can put to work right away and build their eCommerce businesses. He focuses on delivering value to his students, following the mantra of underpromising, overdelivering, and having trust in the process. So far, the process has proven to be of much use to his students, who could get a lot of benefit from their eCommerce education.

As a firm believer in eCommerce’s transformative power and someone who finds that education is best when it stirs things up, he saw the two fit together perfectly. The mixture of mentorship and eCommerce is incredibly rewarding for Kevin, who can finally preach eCommerce while practicing it.

Jan 4, 2021

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