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Is There A Difference Between Seasonal Honeys?


Regularly we get asked, ‘is it really possible to taste the seasons through honey?’ and we can tell you that it certainly is!

We like to think of seasonal honeys a little like wine, where the flavour of each variety is affected by numerous factors including climate and seasonal variations. This is very similar when it comes to honey too. As the seasons change and different flowers bloom, a new variety of honey is produced and the aroma, flavour and colour of each type of honey is determined by the type of flower the nectar is collected from. Honey is produced all around the world, and the seasons can vary depending on the climate and landscape. It even means that honey collected from the same hives in the same location, can vary from year to year too!

In Britain alone, supplies of honey can run short due to the unpredictable climate, and we are consuming far more than we make here in the UK. Fortunately, the demand for honey can be met by sourcing honey from other countries where there is typically longer seasons. The best part? We get to try out all kinds of new flavoured honey and support other beekeepers from around the world, who dedicate their lives to this nutritious and delicious delight.

At BuzzyBlends we have our popular flavoured ranges of honey, which are all spring harvested. We also recently introduced two new seasonal verities, Spring and Summer honey both of which are raw, unpasteurised honeys. But what’s the difference between these and how are they affected by the change in seasons?

Our Spring Harvest honey is smooth, light and creamy. Naturally set and completely raw, it’s pale in colour and has a soft and delicate flavour. Spring harvest honey features so many wonderful health benefits, from improving memory functions to aiding in postmenopausal symptoms. It’s also a well-known remedy for the common cold and those pesky seasonal allergies.

This kind of honey is perfect for spreading onto fresh bread for a delicious snack or can be enjoyed as a healthy dip for fruit and vegetables. Sounds pretty delicious right

We then have our Summer Linden honey that features a delicate blend of herbal notes and has a delightful floral aroma, thanks to the Linden trees it is harvested from during the summer months (also known as a lime tree.) In early summer the bees feast on Linden blossoms to create this floral honey.

The Linden tree has played many roles in history, both symbolic and practical and linden honey has been trusted and enjoyed for centuries, and it’s no surprise why. Not only does it have a strong prebiotic effect, making it a great digestive remedy, but it’s also renowned for reducing respiratory inflammations from the common cold to throat inflammations and bronchitis. This honey is super versatile and can be enjoyed in warm drinks, cakes or even salad dressings.

Another great seasonal honey we have is collected during summer time from plant called buckwheat. It’s unusual plant to have in UK, but some farms grow buckwheat, as it’s great plant for second crop. Buckwheat plant has a very tiny white flowers which means honeybees have to work extra hard to collect this type of honey. Buckwheat honey is a highly nutritious honey and features a strong, deep colour with a full-bodied and earthy flavour. It’s often compared to Manuka honey for its rich antioxidant properties and numerous health benefits. With its own strong and distinctive taste, it’s perfect for those who find some honey just that little bit too sweet and it pairs perfectly with blue and nutty cheeses.

If you were to taste these honeys side by side you really would get two completely different tastes and experiences, both as delicious as each other but both bring a lot of different flavours to the table.

All of our flavoured and seasonal honeys are collected from our ethical Lithuania apiaries. You may be wondering if this then affects the taste and quality of the honey? The plant specifies in Lithuania are in fact very similar to the ones here in the UK, so if you were to compare our honey with the same type of UK local honey, you wouldn’t taste a huge difference in variation.

When we first set out on this journey to source a nutritious, pure and delicious honey, it was always important to us that the apriary we used had an ethical and sustainable approach towards beekeeping and that they demonstrated care and respect for the bees. We believe that this is the way things should be, and our Lithuania apiary met all of these standards for us.

Our apiary is enrolled in an exceptional quality program, which means that it's often inspected to ensure that their sticking to the highest of standards. This provides us and you with confidence that the bees are taken good care of because they really do deserve only the best. And they are kept in stunning surroundings, by beautiful meadows and enchanted forests.

One of the greatest known benefits to buying local honey, is that it is usually unprocessed and pure. We’re proud that our honey from Lithuania is both unprocessed and raw, made with only 100% natural ingredients so there is no compromise on the quality. And the purer the honey, the greater its health benefits are!

Do you have a favourite seasonal honey? If you haven’t tried any yet you can find our range of raw BuzzyBlends seasonal honeys to enjoy.

Jan 13, 2021
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