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Is It Possible To Overcome An Autoimmune Disease?


Let me start by telling you the story about my daughter, Emily.  She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2005 when she was just a year old.  She had started to walk oddly by throwing her leg out when she walked.  As parents we were naturally concerned about her and took her to the doctors.  We spent 3 weeks in hospital while they tried to find out the reason for her swollen joints.  I remember feeling relieved when the doctors were able to give a name to the symptoms she had, believing that we could end her suffering soon when we found the right treatment.  She had Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis which is Arthritis in children with no known cause.

For 14 years we did all the things as parents you think you should like going to the hospital, having scans, blood tests, making sure she is taking the medication.  She missed a lot of school from feeling ill and medical appointments.  She was taking methotrexate, which she had to self-inject every week.  This drug made her sick every week and nauseous the rest of the time.  She took the drug on a Saturday which made her dread weekends and the pattern was repeated week in and week out.  It really wasn't a fun childhood for her, but we were doing the best we could doing everything we thought was the right thing for her.

In August 2018 Emily had been in drug remission for 2 years and was allowed to come off the drug which was a relief to us all.  We were all hopeful that she may have grown out of the disease, but sadly around 8 weeks later her joints were swollen and painful again, which meant that she had to go back on medication.

In June 2018 I had just qualified in a phenomenal talk therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy which is a hybrid therapy incorporating hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and psychotherapy, all powerful modalities in their own right and together they are dynamic.  I believed in the method, but less in my own ability at the time because I had only just qualified.  I knew Marisa Peer, (who has been voted the number 1 therapist in the UK and is featured on Mindvalley too) who had trained me, had worked with lots of physical issues successfully, so I knew it was possible.

My daughter and I decided to have a session together.  Using this method and my intuition we got to the emotional root cause that was lying behind the physical symptoms.  Her personal reason was that her subconscious mind had believed that she needed the pain to connect.  Her cousins and brother had cancer, a hernia and asthma at the time, although fortunately they had all recovered.  Even if they hadn't she could see how her pain wasn't of benefit to them.  In the session she was able to analyse and release it after she understood that her pain wasn't helping anyone.  Our subconscious minds are hard-wired to keep us safe and haven't changed much since tribal times when to be rejected would have almost certainly meant sudden death because we couldn't stay alive outside of a tribe.  We are hardwired to be connected and avoid rejection.

Emily has been pain-free, symptom-free and medication-free since October 2018.  We continued working together for a few weeks afterwards to really embed the changes that she needed.

She is now studying to be a hairdresser which is something she has always wanted to do as a very small child, although we thought it was something she wouldn't be able to achieve because her joints were too painful previously to stand for long or to hold equipment like scissors, hairdryers and rollers etc.  It is something that she is really passionate about and is enjoying life the way she was always meant to.

It is possible to overcome an autoimmune disease when you get to the root cause, heal from the emotional pain lying behind it and analyse it.  Your subconscious mind has been recording everything since the day you were born and knows where and why it all began.  When you can tap into your powerful subconscious to get to your specific root cause, heal the emotional wounds and reverse the symptoms everything changes quickly and permanently.

photo by Hans Isaacson

Rachel Claire Farnsworth helps others to heal after toxic relationships, anxiety, depression and physical conditions such as autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, IBS, fibromyalgia & more.

Mar 1, 2021
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