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Is Honey Better For You Than Sugar?


Honey is a golden gooey liquid produced by honey bees across the world. Honey sweetness derives from the chemical’s fructose and glucose, which is attractive for baking and used as a perfect sweetener. On the other hand, sugar is a sweet grain that comes in various textures. Sucrose is commonly found in sugar, which is concentrated in sugar cane and sugar beet. It is then extracted to make sugar.

Honey Before Additives

Raw honey is also known as wild honey. It is extracted from honeycombs then poured into a nylon cloth to separate the extraneous impurities such as beeswax. Raw honey is the purest form of honey, the health benefits include containing 22 amino acids, 31 minerals and various vitamins along with enzymes to boost your immune system and overall health.

Furthermore, honey contains additional nutritious value including 30 types of bioactive plant compounds such as polyphenols, which is an antioxidant to help clear out toxic chemicals from the body and reduce inflammation.

Honey can be expensive due to the nutritious factors within the raw honey, but you can purchase a smaller and cheaper natural honey which may be only a fraction less than the bigger jar of raw honey.

The Benefits of Raw Honey

Natural honey was originally used as folk remedies which are food products, herbs and other home items recommended by the lay community, along with the health sectors. Majority of the honey in stores is pasteurized, meaning in the process heats kills the unwanted yeast to extend shelf life and improve colour and texture while destroying beneficial nutrients.

Natural Honey contains a good number of antioxidants to remove toxins from the body and increase health and strengthen the immune system. Certain types of honey have the same number of antioxidants as vegetables and fruits, which should gauge how much honey can help your wellbeing.

Reports have shown that Manuka honey, produces healing benefits reducing infection but the ones in stores aren’t the same due to certain nutritional properties being removed.

Raw Honey is also useful for sore throats by adding raw honey and lemon to hot tea. Also, research has shown that natural honey can be a cough suppressant, two spoonful’s of blended natural honey can help you get over your cough.

Sugar Before Additives

Sugar is a well-known sweetener that is used by many people, whether they’re baking or cooking. Raw sugar is the residue of sugar cane after being processed to remove a majority of the molasses. Sugar contains a combination of glucose and fructose which bonds together to create sucrose which has no added vitamins or nutrients.

Sugar derives from the sugar cane or sugar beet; it requires multiple processing steps before consumption. The sugar will be processed to become edible as the contaminants still exist within the sugar in the form of fibres and mould.

The Benefits of Sugar

Most people will choose natural honey over sugar without knowing the benefits that sugar may have to increase their well-being.

Sugar is a naturally occurring substance coming from the sugar cane plant or the sugar beet, which is grown in places such as Jamaica, Brazil and India being one of the largest sugar cane plantations. Sometimes those countries would have to face the boiling heat, impacting the growth of sugar cane as they would need plenty of water to grow to their full potential.

Additionally, sugar is low in calories, along with being a potential source of fast fuel as a carbohydrate. Sugar is also known to have a long-lasting shelf life, therefore you wouldn’t need to worry about your sugar becoming stale.

Jan 28, 2021
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