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Influencers Holidaying And Partying Despite Lockdown Restrictions


Among the crowd of influencers abandoning their own country’s restrictions, and predisposing themselves to this new highly contagious strain, was TikTok royalty, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. Jake Paul was also spotted flouting the rules, as he attended a crowded party in Ohio, while seemingly every contestant from Love Island flew to Dubai for infectious NYE celebrations.

This as the UK registers its highest ever daily number of coronavirus cases (over 60,000) as another 830 people die, these influencers continue partying and holidaying despite ever-tightening restrictions.

The D’Amelio sisters have also drawn criticism from fans when Charlie and Dixie headed to the Bahamas for a holiday with a handful of friends, including fellow TikToker’s Chase Hudson, Noah Beck, and Mandi Monroe.

A clip of the group was shared on Instagram by the “first ever TikTok shaderoom”, while other photos and videos shared on TikTok show the influencers posing at a resort and in a shopping area. Fans are, understandably, disappointed. Many have pointed out the hypocrisy of Charli asking people breaking the rules to “stop being so inconsiderate to others”, before doing the same thing herself!!

“The way Charli even SPOKE out on Live about how she said she’d do better staying home and social distancing, then they all go to the BAHAMAS?” one fan tweeted on Twitter. “Could that not wait??? Like it’s OK, take a break from social media, I get it, but you can do that AT HOME.”

No stranger to coronavirus controversy, Jake Paul, who previously called the pandemic a “hoax” has been spotted partying in Ohio. The influencer was filmed at a party on December 27 with his former Team 10 friend Anthony Trujillo, as the pair overlooked a crowded room of people drinking and dancing. One user called for YouTube to punish the influencer, writing on Twitter: “He’ll never learn but if @YouTube demonetises his content, then he may learn some kind of lesson.”

In July, Paul was also criticised for hosting a garden party during which he filmed the music video for his track, “Fresh Outta London”, which saw maskless guests ignoring social distancing rules.

British influencers and friends Madison Sarah, Hannah Renée, and Rach Leary have also been caught flouting the rules. After posting a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video on her YouTube channel, in which she boasted of her plans for a quiet New Year’s Eve, she told fans she was “going to have a bottle of champagne to myself”. Sarah was later filmed breaking Manchester’s Tier 4 lockdown by inviting a group of friends to her flat for a party. The video has since been shared on TikTok. After it went viral, Sarah, Renée, and Leary each posted apology videos on their Instagram Stories, although all of them have been criticised for “saying the exact same thing.”

Basically, nearly everyone from Love Island and Geordie Shore and Towie have all congregated in Dubai, and, obviously, we can only assume it’s for work. Last month, Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury travelled to Dubai and then the Maldives in time for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve Molly-Mae posted a snap of herself wading in the clear blue sea, saying “Woke up in my favourite place in the world. The Maldives.”

Molly-Mae insisted she didn't break any rules, as the couple left their Manchester home under Tier 2 COVID-19 restrictions which allows travel.

The Maldives requires visitors to take tests before and after entering the islands but only requires “non-tourists” to self-isolate.

Former Love Island cast members, Hayley Hughes, Gabby Allen, Olivia and Alex Bowen, Georgia Steele, Ellie Brown, and Anton Danyluk also headed to the UAE city, with many of them claiming the trips were for ‘business purposes’. Other stars were also spotted in Dubai, including Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasaei of Geordie Shore fame, and TOWIE’s Yazmin Oukhellou and James Lock.

Yazmin Oukhellou and James Lock were amongst those who flew off to Dubai just before Christmas and followers asked “Are you exempt from Tier 4?"

The TOWIE star has since posted glamorous pics from the swanky Marriott hotel, the tallest in the world, downing cocktails in the plush La Mezcaleria bar.

She also posted a snap of herself cuddling Santa on the beach. The 26-year-old defended her trip saying: “Obviously we'll make the most of it while we're here as well. But we are here for business purposes.”

But followers slammed her for posting “insensitive” pictures of her break, with one writing: “Tier 4?  I can’t see my 90 year old grandma Christmas Eve and Boxing Day but you can go on holiday/work abroad!”

Amber Gill and Kaz Crossley were also holidaying/working in Dubai! She was joined in the luxury resort by fellow Love Islander Kaz Crossley.

She claimed she was confused by the new levels, adding: “Just want to put it out there. I had no idea Tier 4 was a thing…

“The flight here was booked way before I thought the changes were being made, on the 16th, meaning I was still allowed to travel for work…"

Kaz also said “she was only supposed to be here for 4 days. Now I don't know where I'm supposed to go or if I should stay here. It's all mad.”

Amber took to Instagram stories to explain to fans that she was holding back on posting holiday snaps because she didn't want to be 'tone deaf'.

However, fans are outraged that both influencers and celebrities seem to think that the Covid rules do not apply to them, whilst others are following the rules, not seeing family and friends and many suffering from mental health issues. The last thing they need to see is this type of constant social media posts in countries where Coronovirus exists!!

Do you agree to this type of “flaunting of rules”? – is it acceptable?

Jan 7, 2021
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