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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an influx of beginner traders and investors enter the financial industry. With an ailing global economy, large-scale unemployment, and large amounts of free time at home due to remote working arrangements, the finance world’s appeal is more significant than ever. Additionally, the growing popularity of financial technologies, which allow almost all kinds of trading and investment to be done online or even through a mobile app, has made the industry extremely approachable. With this, the world of finance has become a battleground for established industry veterans and masses of beginners trying their luck.

With their lack of knowledge, experience, and the necessary connections and capital, it is apparent that the odds are stacked against these new traders. Despite this, many have prevailed and achieved great success, making up for their shortcomings through sheer perseverance, research, and by capitalizing on their generation’s affinity for new financial innovations and technologies.  These include the use of new business models, use of finance (FinTech) and education (EdTech) technological resources, and banding into communities of like-minded traders with a “strength-in-numbers” approach.

Currently leading in such innovations is Stock Sharks, a Canada-based SaaS company specializing in research, education, and community-building in the finance industry. With a claim-to-fame of predicting’s 1,600% share surge two years in advance, the company has since grown to have a private valuation of $4 million and an established presence in Canada as well as the United States and the Middle East within just three years of its foundation.

Stock Sharks was established by the partnership of Sheraz Ali and JR Alexander with the aim of building an international community of business individuals that can network and learn from each other. Sheraz was inspired by the realization that despite established financial advisors’ supposed expertise, many of them lack the needed grounding in scientific research to make truly informed decisions. Using his strength in research and analysis, Sheraz found that financial management is often offered with higher risks and lower returns than what was actually achievable. In JR, Sheraz found a like-minded and highly-experienced partner to accomplish their dream of becoming the number one financial research company in the world.

At the moment, Stock Sharks offers different services to meet the needs of its large variety of clients. It’s Premium’ service is a subscription-based platform intended for individual investors, giving access to the full range of the company’s education and software suite and access to the community. This service is intended to benefit beginner traders and anyone who wants to learn more about the industry using a research-based approach. Premium also allows one to learn from and interact with seasoned traders through the Stock Sharks global community. For larger entities, like private equities, hedge funds, and groups with assets under management of $50 million, the company offers its ‘Synergy’ service, which involves research and analysis customized for each client’s needs.

For both of these services, Stock Sharks prides itself on its community focus. Despite its large number of clients, members of the company remain available for one-on-one conversations at any time for any of its members. Adding to this, the company frequently organizes meet-ups between its executives and the community worldwide. These measures ensure that the relationship with its community Stock Sharks enjoys is second to none. With this quality of service, clients often turn into willing brand advocates, advertising Stock Sharks’ services and referring potential members.

Stock Sharks plans to expand even further in the near future. With a current annual growth of 65%, the company also has proprietary AI-based EdTech software currently in the works expected to be fully operational by the next year. The company expects this system to become essential to finance and be adaptable to the needs of other industries.

You can learn more about Stock Sharks through their website or by following them on their Instagram, @stocksharks.

Dec 23, 2020
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