How Software Solutions Can Enhance Remote Working


Many businesses all over the world have been forced to quickly move their operations online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a consequence, modern technologies and software solutions for remote working have become the focus of everyone’s interest, as employers and employees adjust to a new form of working life.

In this article, I will explain how these technologies can help remote workers deal with three common challenges they might face when working from home.

Time management

When working remotely, it is important to learn how to spend your time in a balanced way without the distractions of Netflix or YouTube. This is especially difficult if trying to adjust to working from home for the first time There are a number of time tracking solutions which will gently push you to becoming more productive. Using such tools, you can analyse how you spend your time and develop new techniques to do so more wisely. On top of that, modern time tracking solutions can help you automate some routine tasks like reporting, which will increase your productivity. Some time tracking apps also offer advanced project management features, making it easier for you to be in full control of your time and project tasks at the same time.

Software options to consider: Clockify, Harvest, Hubstaff, Toggl, Tick.

Document collaboration

Creating legal documents, blueprints, presentations or analysis spreadsheets are tasks that, if working alone, may not be that challenging to some. However, if you need to create and edit documents together with your remote team, things become much more complicated. To deal with this challenge effectively, online document editing tools are essential. These allow users to access digital documents via cloud storage, which can then be accessed by several users who are all able to read and edit them at the same time (with various permissions). You and your co-authors can make changes to the document, correct each other’s mistakes, suggest ideas by leaving comments to the text and communicate online right within the document. All this can be easily done in real time via your web browser thanks to online document editing tools, making those document creation tasks simple regardless of if you work solo or in a team

Software options to consider: ONLYOFFICE Docs, Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online, Zoho Docs

Real-time communication

Remote employees often lack real face-to-face communication with their teammates. For those who rely on in-person interactions to get their job done, working from home can be really stressful and sometime lonely. Modern technologies can help remote employees stay connected with their teams in different ways to manage these stresses and help improve mental wellbeing. Apart from traditional emailing, there are messaging apps that allow you to stay in touch and exchange messages with your teammates from anywhere in the world. You would have also seen the huge rise in video conferencing tools, that allow remote teams to get together and hold online meetings, plus social events. More importantly, some solutions offer both video conferencing and chat messaging making online communication within remote teams as easy as possible.

Software options to consider: Fleep, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Whereby, Zoom

To sum up, there are plenty of software solutions that can help you stay as productive and collaborative as possible when working from home. Although they contribute to remote working in different ways, they all help remote employees achieve their goals,perform their tasks and continue to feel part of the team. By testing and combining different tools, you can create a perfect toolset for your personal needs. Who knows, you may never need to return to the office again!

Nov 18, 2020

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