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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major global economic crisis that is still ongoing. Starting with the stock market crash in March 2020, major economies are currently in recession, with full recovery forecasted in 2025 at the earliest. The effect of this crisis is particularly tangible beyond the numeric of economic markets, with manifestations like the recent surge in unemployment and increasingly common instances of salary reduction.

Because of this, alternative sources of income have seen an uptick in popularity in parallel with the above difficulties. Today, various industries are participated in by a record number of people. Such a crowd is composed of young adults struggling for financial independence and older, more-established individuals who seek to secure their financial positions in preparation for upcoming trouble. Among the industries that have surged in popularity include stocks, real estate, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, and e-commerce, to name only a few.

One of the more novel means by which individuals are trying to profit despite the pandemic is through the booming sports handicap industry. Due partly to advancements that allow for plays to be placed entirely online, it has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with plays placed and received all over the world. With the above-mentioned circumstances of the pandemic and sports handicapping’s mass appeal to both casual and committed handicappers and sports lovers, the industry has been forecasted to flourish exponentially in the coming years.

Like with stocks and e-commerce, this popularity has resulted in the rise of services offering advice, tutorials, and other forms of education. As with similar services, this industry is rife with low-quality services and outright scams that aim to prey on the naiveté of aspiring handicappers. It is not uncommon to find claims that are simply too good to be true, promising impossibly high accuracy rates and supposedly “unbeatable” strategies, yet delivering advice that is subpar at best.

Veteran sports handicapper Jiwan Emre saw this glaring problem in the industry as a prime opportunity for success. By establishing his own sports handicapping consulting company, Crush The Books, Jiwan hopes to offer a better option for both beginner and veteran handicappers. In contrast to its competitors, Crush The Books does not make claims of 90%+ winning rates or ‘perfect’ strategies. Instead, it promises a forthright, no-nonsense approach to teaching sports handicapping based on proven strategies and an approach that is fully transparent and genuinely centered on the customer.

The company’s advising background is based on Jiwan’s wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience with the field of sports handicapping in general. Jiwan has had a fascination with the science of playing since he was just five years old, an age he spent recording player stats and doing game analyses as a hobby. This interest followed Jiwan to adulthood and eventually drove him to take advanced schooling in mathematics, focusing on handicapping analytics.

Jiwan immediately applied his knowledge to the field, playing daily fantasy sports at 16 years old and starting a semi-professional career in poker. The latter would give him experience with the finer techniques of handicapping in skills like bankroll management, as well as the financial capital he needed to move on to sports handicapping and to establish Crush The Books.

Today, Crush The Books caters to a wide variety of customers, with services ranging from packages of detailed predictions for a wide variety of sports to exhaustive mentorship programs for higher-end clients who hope to make a living in the sports handicapping industry. Thus far, the company has spent relatively little on marketing, though, as Jiwan cites positive word-of-mouth stemming from their quality and transparency as being the largest draw for their company. Clients have grown to love Crush The Books for helping to mold them into better players, not only in ability but also in integrity.

Jiwan Emre is currently working on expanding Crush The Books to offer its trademark of honest, quality sports handicapping consulting to a broader audience. Find out more by visiting their Instagram at @crush.the.books.

Feb 18, 2021

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