Here’s What Brad Ahn, CEO and Founder of Multiple Sports Publications, Owes His Success To


Every entrepreneur credits a different tenet, mindset, skill, or piece of advice for their success, and for Brad Ahn, it’s being in love with one’s industry. As the founder and CEO of successful sports publication Ahn Fire Digital, he’s become somewhat of an expert on knowing what it takes to scale a business.

Though a genuine passion for the career one has chosen is the most important thing to have, Brad also believes that one must connect with their audience, assemble a high-quality team, and never stop learning. Since starting his first business in 2011, he’s kept these things in mind during his scaling, and they’ve played a huge role in his success.

Ahn Fire Digital is Brad’s main publication, as it covers all 30 NBA teams and 32 NFL teams. Underneath it, he has four team-based publications, which include Heat Nation, Dolphin Nation, Cavaliers Nation, and Lakers Daily. His lifelong passion for sports has been a huge help in scaling these brands, and he advises new entrepreneurs to be in love with their industries if they want to see similar growth for themselves. Such a mindset is crucial, and without one, individuals shouldn’t expect to achieve much.

Each of Brad’s publications are run by him and his team of 11, which is made up of like-minded people with experience in sports journalism, digital marketing, and editing. An extensive hiring process allowed him to find others who share his vision, and with their shared passion for sports, they’re able to provide readers and followers with exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere. This has also helped set them apart from the competition, something many entrepreneurs aim for.

Brad always makes sure to keep an eye on his competitors; it helps him stay two steps ahead at all times. Finding the methods that work for his company has been a long process, but over the last decade, he’s created an infrastructure that’s been expanding at an impressive rate. Last year, they were hitting just under 5 million page views across all publications, but that number has multiplied to over 10 million today, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

This success didn’t come overnight, and Brad stresses how vital it is to consistently work hard for what one wants. Mindset is one thing, but it means nothing if one doesn’t physically get out there and start doing things for their company. He began seeing an increase in growth every time he created a new publication, showing how taking a leap to start new things can pay off in fantastic ways.

That growth has also played a part in revenue. As Ahn Fire Digital and its fellow publications don’t have a physical product to sell, they make their revenue through display, video, and native online advertising. Much like an advertisement at a bus stop or a commercial on TV, Brad’s companies sell space for others to grow their own brands. The recent increase in page views that came from the scaling of each publication has played a big role in securing deals, and the future of the brand looks bright.

Brad has many hopes for his company, and one is to become a household name and the first choice of those looking to read about the latest news within the sports industry. Though a big achievement to reach for, he’s proven that through passion and hard work, he’s become an expert on scaling a business to incredible heights.

Jan 27, 2021

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