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Hairdressers: More Than Just Stylists


Amy Filippaios, founder of SimplyHair, specialist hair extension and salon supplies wholesaler

Hair salons and mobile stylists are facing one of the biggest challenges experienced by the industry in history. Multiple lockdowns, social distancing and tiered systems mean salons and mobile stylists have been struggling to keep their heads above water since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Support from the local community has never been more critical.

At the same time, it should not be underestimated how much people rely on hair and beauty businesses. For many, salons are more than just places for personal grooming. Understanding the experiences clients are looking for will help hair and beauty professionals to adapt their services and salon environment accordingly. When doors reopen, there is a real opportunity for hair and beauty professionals to cement their position in their local community and build even deeper relationships with their clients, in turn, helping their business to recover faster.

Confidence Boost

A new haircut or colour is an easy way to boost confidence. Given the nation’s current low mood, promoting services that build self-confidence can help clients beyond just their physical appearance. Confidence also has other positive effects on our mental wellbeing including increased self-esteem and self-worth, which contribute to overall happiness.

Hair and beauty businesses can use beautiful images both online and in salon to inspire clients with new styles.

Therapy Session

Many people who visit their hairdresser often see the visit as social as much as professional. Hairdressers tend to be open-minded and personable, which is why many people feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives and discussing concerns. It is one of the real pleasures in hairdressing; that stylists can build trusted relationships with clients, which clients value in return.

From a business perspective, there are real advantages in promoting personality as well as technical skill, giving clients and potential customers an insight into what it’s like to spend time with the people that will run their appointments. After all, for some treatments, this could be a long time and it’s important that they feel comfortable and relaxed!

Stress Relief

Many clients see hair and beauty appointments as their opportunity to indulge in a little “me time”. Visiting the hairdressers can still have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing, as it offers an opportunity for some much needed "me time". Environment is really important to aid this, with a salon’s interior helping to set the tone for client experience. There is also potential for salon owners to enhance appointments with little luxurious extras, such as coffee-shop style drinks and head massages.

Your Personal Hair Doctor

From split ends, to DIY dye jobs, after a long time in lockdown many people’s hair needs some TLC. Experts in treating many different hair types and styles, experienced hairdressers can make recommendations on how to promote healthy hair growth and maintain styles for longer.  Whether that be how to fix dry hair, how to stop colour fading or ways to hide signs of ageing – hairdressers have a wealth of knowledge.

Showcasing this expertise through traditional and digital marketing can help to attract new clients and secure appointments with lapsed customers. Social media functions such as IGTV offer the perfect platform for tutorial videos, product reviews and haircare tips.  

Non-Judgmental Hair Magicians Who Can Save Your Sanity

Had a bad lockdown haircut?  DIY hair colour that is patchy? Accidentally fried your hair with an at-home bleaching?  Hairdressers have seen it all, especially after a prolonged period without hair appointments and can come to the rescue. Many salon owners have already diversified by offering video consultancies and selling kits for restorative treatments that can be done at home. Tapping into the need for remedial services will appeal to clients who have suffered hair mishaps and want them fixed. Although it is important to set realistic expectations – we’re professionals, not magicians – and clients need to know that some transformations can take several appointments.

Mar 14, 2021
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