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Habits.... Why Are They So Hard To Create?


January is the month of habits, and its coming to an end.... so are your efforts to build new habits ending too, like a fair few of us?  As a coach, the end goal is often the prize for most clients, its the effort getting there that causes the issues, and that is a real shame because habits are incredibly powerful - they are the things we do without much thought, are part of us, we would miss them if we didn't to them.  So, if you want to create a activity that gives you those feel good results then its surely better to build it as a habit rather than a one-off/ short term fix that requires tonnes of willpower.  If your struggling, then some things to focus on that I find works best with my clients are below:

  • Building habits requires some commitment, practice and experimenting - keep trying and you will find what works.  It worth thinking through what realistically you can do (and be honest with yourself) - even the little things we do each day add up.
  • Focus on the end goal for the motivation and break down the behaviours, actions and activities that need to happen to get there - going slower may be the result, but more likely to last.  Motivation will only get you so far - if you are making progress then that will keep you going.
  • Find the things that you like (remember, you may grow to love something, so focus on what you get out of the thing you are doing - relaxation, energy, fitness etc.).  If the end result is to feel better then the things that get you there need to do just that - if it's to get fitter, try stuff until you hit on what makes you feel good - what would you like to try?
  • Enjoy the process! Look at change and habit building as a fun experiment, an opportunity to do something different.

As a coach, there is nothing better than seeing someone find their 'thing', and new activity, way of living or eating that makes them feel good, sleep well and have confidence - but more often than not it takes all of the things above.

Feb 2, 2021
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