Evan Tsaboukos Is Making a Play on the Future


Young entrepreneur Evan Tsaboukos is putting it all on the line and shooting his shot on the future of the arbitrage and investment industries. Having started out with trading horse arbitrage full-time at a young age, he got to know the industry well and was able to formulate unique methods to beat the bookies at their own game. Shortly after starting university, he decided to start a platform that would allow him to share that knowledge with fellow punters in Australia, and so The Cash Kings was born. Tsaboukos has since developed the brand into two additional highly successful companies, including Cash Kings Central and Cash Kings Forex.

Evan’s first company was created because he sensed a need for a platform that provided proper education to Australian punters and investors. His own experiences taught him a lot of valuable insight into what the industry is like, as well as which methods work and which risks should be avoided. He also knew that a lot of Australians aren’t applying those same insights or logical approaches to their decision-making processes. “As I was already an expert in the industry, it made sense for me to follow my business passion down this path,” he says.

This realisation launched The Cash Kings, which takes a strong educational approach. According to Tsaboukos, there aren’t any other companies teaching these same methods and providing such in-depth support in the industry. The Cash Kings has managed to stand out because it offers such a massive amount of content that its community can utilize to improve their own lives and minimise their risk using proven, statistically-backed methods.

Even though Evan had already made a fortune with horse arbitrage, he wasn’t happy to sit back and count his money. Instead, he knew that he wanted to pursue an even bigger challenge, and that meant taking the ultimate leap of faith in himself and starting his own business. It took a long time for the business to get off its feet, and it taught him that patience is key. “You must be willing to work long hours/days/weeks without not much reward, and then suddenly, you reap the rewards,” he adds.

Yet even the accomplishments that he eventually achieved with his first company weren’t enough for him. The world of investment called, and he subsequently decided to grow the brand in new directions. From just specialising in handicapping-related investments, the Cash Kings now focus on forex and blockchain as well and have plans to take over many more industries, providing high-quality services and educational courses.

The Cash Kings is currently Australia's first and only central investment platform, and Evan has big plans to expand the Cash Kings into a worldwide brand. He has already changed the lives of thousands of people, and he’s determined to increase that number into the millions, which is a lofty goal, but he’s making good headway. Although Evan doesn’t plan on ever retiring, he does hope to wind down his number of work hours in the future. “Life is for enjoyment and spending time with family and friends, not constantly working. So I can see removing myself from the equation and automating everything somewhere down the line, but when you are changing as many lives as me, it’s important to keep the wheel spinning,” he explains.

Take a look at what Evan’s currently up to by following his Instagram account, @evan.tcks

Feb 26, 2021

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