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As a relationship & dating expert and matchmaker who talks to numerous people looking for love, what should you do on the first date? 

For sure you will be feeling nervous, you need to have the right mindset so you ooze confidence and that takes a change in your thinking so try this, one of the best ways is to visualise, who do you think is ultra-confident? I personally think Amanda Holden is a great example. She is a mature, gorgeous woman who always presents herself well and knows how to make an impact in every room she goes in to, was she always like this? no, she had vulnerabilities when she was younger like everyone else.

Now ask yourself this, how would Amanda make an entrance? Would she hold her head high, give direct eye contact, smile, and walk with swagger? You know that she would and you need to rehearse doing the same, practice until it becomes a habit.

I’m not saying change your personality but just visualise yourself as someone like Amanda. Tip, think about your ideal role model for this exercise, practice a few times on friends before you go out so you’re feeling more confident, it may feel embarrassing at first but you are better off stumbling in front of a best friend than your date....

It’s best not to treat the date like a date, think of it as your meeting a new friend it tones down your nerves, It’s exciting because you may end up having a new friend for life. If not, just take what you can from that experience; what did you enjoy? What didn’t you like? What have you learned about yourself on this date? what would you change next time? Don’t forget to praise yourself for doing so well for going out on a date with a stranger. It’s not as easy as it sounds and you should be proud of yourself.

You go, girl! Lisa x

Oct 16, 2020
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