Chris Bruce Reveals His Secret for Becoming One of the Most Influential Real Estate Wholesaling Experts


Meet Chris Bruce, a wholesaling real estate expert, entrepreneur, and nationwide coach. Not only did he learn how to bring in big checks in real estate, but also how to delegate and outsource 80% of the business. Doing this has created the freedom and time for Chris to help all real estate newbies close their first deals.

Chris has been in the industry for more than a decade. Early in his career, he was faced with many challenges. His initial 26 contracts were total failures. When his business finally took off, he struggled with money and investing it correctly in his company. Luckily, it didn't take him long to discover the secret to becoming successful in real estate. Now, Chris is ready to share all of his tips, tricks, and strategies with amateurs in the industry.

"Our company prides itself on being the leader in the industry on delivering massive value in our products that will help newbies break into the real estate industry. Our goal is to help 100,000 new people seal their very first real estate deals," Chris says.

Chris was kind enough to share his secrets and strategies with us.

Free Advice and Podcasts

Finding a mentor in real estate requires investing money, and Chris is well aware of that. One of the things he regrets the most is not finding someone to coach him early on in his career. "My worst mistake was not having a mentor early on. I tried to do a lot of things the free way, and it backfired. I ended up losing more money than I expected."

Hiring a professional can be quite expensive. That is why Chris decided to start a website called Escaping the REI Newbie Zone, where he offers expert advice in his blog posts and podcasts (for free!). Chris also frequently shares his tips and tricks on his Instagram page.

The Key to Success? An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Chris believes that the key to succeeding in any business is adopting the right mindset. If someone thinks that they can't achieve something, chances are they won't.

At the start of his career, Chris believed that making money in real estate was almost impossible. He didn't have the right mindset, and he struggled with his first contracts. Then, he started reading books such as Think and Grow Rich and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Reading, learning, and investing in self-development helped Chris gain more knowledge, advance his skills, and change his mindset. It didn't take long before he started noticing significant changes; the number of successful contracts kept increasing, and he was continually coming up with new business strategies.

"It's all about providing value. It didn't take me long before I realized that the more value I provided the world, the more money I made," Chris says.

The Secret to Running a Successful Business

Running a business is easy as long as one has the right people by their side. "How am I able to run a seven-figure business and still have free time? Because I hired a team of honest and diligent workers who get things done. Thanks to their help, I have time to focus on things that move the needle in my company."

Chris also revealed that it is essential to hire slow and fire fast. He advises all newbies searching for a new person to join their team to take their time until they find the right person, but as soon as they notice things are not working out, they should let the person go.

For more information about Chris, his podcasts, or his mentorship programs, make sure to check out his Instagram page.

Jan 7, 2021

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