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Beyond Skin-Deep: The Role Of Beauty In Well-Being With Spa Sciences


Beauty goes beyond just skin-deep. The multitude of maxims we have that downplay the superficial quality of physical beauty belies its importance in society. Time and time again, research has shown that simply being beautiful possesses several socio-economic benefits rooted in prevalent biases that favor those who are generally attractive. Instances of these could be seen in preference being given to the beautiful even in professional environments. Aristotle, in his ancient wisdom, described this modern matter quite succinctly: “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.”

It is perhaps due to these biases that physical attractiveness has been significantly linked to measures of psychological well-being. Simply put, those who look good really do feel good. However, the connection between beauty and improvements in health and well-being goes beyond pure physical appearance. In many cases, a person’s self-perception can be just as or even more important than attractiveness. One’s own impression of their personal appearance can be just as important in improving satisfaction and self-esteem. The simple act of putting effort into looking good can positively affect one’s health and well-being.

Aside from the effect described above, the act of skincare itself can become a relaxing routine for many people. Regardless of how simple your routines may be, they can serve as soothing, meditative bookends to one’s day. Such routines have seen increased importance with the advent of the pandemic, which has seen a rise in cases of anxiety and depression as normality is upended and people’s sense of time is thrown into chaos.

Although interest has been trending upward since before the pandemic, its circumstances have catalyzed the popularity of the skincare industry. Modern skincare products have become dime a dozen, with a wide selection available for a variety of products corresponding to various skin colors and types; different forms of creams, cleanses, and lotions, each possessing a diverse set of textures, aromas, and other sensorial preferences.

In this industry, beautician, businessman, and adoring father Michael Friend found a niche for his company. Spa Sciences offers patented beauty tools that serve as affordable household alternatives to expensive professional procedures offered by dermatologists. Michael said he was inspired by his experiences as a busy working father to his twins Hannah and Leo, having neither the time nor the money for the procedures on offer. Michael used his passion for beauty to help himself as well as others in his situation using Spa Sciences’ various products. Although the beauty tool industry has seen great competition, Spa Sciences continues to define itself through its affordability and accessibility, being a third of the price of its closest competitors.

Michael believes in the right of everyone to be beautiful, for many of the reasons described above. Foremost in Michael’s mind is how he can help people like him and his family to achieve the skin they desire and become confident and comfortable with what they have. He believes that beauty, beyond being accessible to anyone regardless of age, gender, skin type, or skin color, should also be accessible without regard for one’s class or status.

In the face of mounting stress and anxiety present in day-to-day life, especially in the face of the continuing pandemic, a dedicated beauty routine could be a small modification that can help improve health and well-being. The act of the routine itself and its meditative qualities can help keep us grounded in this ever-changing world. More importantly, a positive self-image has been proven to improve our self-esteem and psychological wellness. To look and, most importantly, feel beautiful is something we all deserve. After all, though Ralph Waldo Emmerson may have referred to beauty as God’s handwriting, God never prohibited us from adding our own flourish.

Sep 28, 2020
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