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Ashley Louise James - “Baby and Me”


Like most women in the public eye today, Ashley has many strings to her bow. Not only a highly sought-after DJ accomplished television presenter and popular model, but she is also an articulate social commentator, activist and empowerment coach.

But what Ashley is most passionate about is using her platform for good; realising her responsibility to raise awareness for the causes closest to her heart. 

She is a campaigner for mental health, body positivity and social media honesty, discussing topical issues whilst drawing on her own past battles with self-harm, bullying and body dysmorphia. 

Life has changed for Ashley as she is very soon to have her baby!! She has realised that every single pregnancy is unique, and each journey will be different than any other pregnancy so don’t listen to unsolicited advice from other mums to be.

She said that on some days you will feel invincible, and some days you can barely function for lack of sleep. But as an ambassador for mental health Ashley knows people can struggle with anxiety about anything and everything.

For example, people who offer up unsolicited advice think they're being helpful, but usually, they themselves are perhaps worried about a certain area and so they want to share their experiences to ease your worries, but what they don't realise is that it's an area you weren't even worrying about until now and they may be the 10th person to offer advice on a different topic of pregnancy on that day!!!

Ashley believes that it is the equivalent of us walking down the street and every person we pass stopping to warn us of a different danger we might encounter based on their own fears.  These people are the complete opposite of helpful, and they're more likely to plant doubt or anxiety in your minds. So you do your journey the way you want to do it, it's a wonderful experience.

One of the other things that Ashley has noticed is that with most pregnancies there comes a time when it’s more comfortable to wear a bra than not to wear one, Ashley has partnered up with @bravadodesigns and found her current go-to for comfort in the day in either black or white, it’s called the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra!

If you have the problems of heavy breasts and your current bras are becoming uncomfortable – maybe its time to try @bravadodesigns.

Head on over to Ashley’s Instagram for further updates on her baby journey @ashleylouisejames – we wish her well with her forthcoming birth!!

Oct 13, 2020
Fitness & Health

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