Anil Dobani on Using the Power of Social Media Marketing and Influencer Culture to Succeed in the Jewelry Industry


The jewellery industry can trace its roots back to the Stone Age. Back then, humans did not use precious stones like diamonds set in gold or silver for their accessories, but simple materials such as pebbles and rocks. But even then, jewellery was regarded as an essential part of society.

Jewellery was used as a form of adornment—a means to feel beautiful and socially accepted. It was also considered to be a protective charm that prevented evil spirits from even daring to come near a person.

While these days, jewellery is rarely regarded as enchanted or spiritual, the value of these precious items has pretty much stayed the same. The industry transcended time and even the evolution of humankind. It is still being used as a status symbol or to gain social acceptance, but the standards are now less regal but more economical.

Interestingly, even if it is a widespread belief that diamonds and other precious stones are being purchased as an act of love, studies have revealed that more and more people are buying jewellery for themselves as an act of self-love. Hence, the jewellery industry’s current boom hinges on people knowing exactly what kind of accessories they want, and they are prepared to buy them at any cost. This buying behaviour has paved the way for jewellers such as Anil Dobani, aka Anilthejeweler, to penetrate the market and win loyal customers’ hearts and minds all over the United States.

Anilthejeweler’s Game Plan

Anil entered the jewellery industry armed with two crucial things. First, he is a social media marketer specialising in handling clients and running pages for other jewellers, which he started doing during his high school years in Atlanta, Georgia. Even before entering the playing field for himself, Anil was already familiar with what his clients wanted, which is a prominent edge for anyone looking to start a business.

Next, Anilthejeweler took the time and effort to learn everything he could about crafting jewellery. This means that he isn’t just a distributor. He is a creator who knows what his clients want.

This perfect combination of technical skills and his passion for the job empowered him to make the right decisions at the right time. A year since he first launched his jewellery business, Dobani already had almost 30,000 followers on Instagram. But even if his client base was formed purely online, he is still looking to put up a brick-and-mortar establishment so he can display his artworks on the shelves, too.

For now, Anilthejeweler is busy creating one-of-a-kind pieces for his clientele. He has worked with several professional athletes who have helped him grow his popularity and build confidence in his work. Among them are DK Metcalf and Richard Sherman from the NFL and Buddy Hield from the NBA.

While Dobani admitted that COVID-19 lengthened production time, he assures his followers that it’s nothing he can’t handle. Besides, most of his clients are repeat customers who have already been satisfied with his services and are more than willing to wait for their treasures to be made.

Dobani’s journey proved that one can start a business even without being a master of the industry from the very beginning. Anil became the jeweller through his sheer determination and thirst for success.

Anilthejeweler’s story also exhibited the power of social media marketing and influencer endorsements in swaying public opinion. With Anil’s mastery of social media and his connections, he launched a business with a solid foundation and backing that grew in a short span of time.

Got any questions for Anilthejeweler? Send them over to his Instagram account at @anilthejeweler or @anildobani_, and he’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

Mar 1, 2021

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