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Amelia Taylor – Make Time To Chill Out


As an award-winning designer, Amelia has utilised her arts background to create her web site: ‘With Amelia Taylor’. A platform from which to share her creativity through lifestyle topics including beauty, travel and fashion. She continues to thrive in the industry by producing high-quality content in order to inspire her audience as an influential role model within the fashion, design and beauty industry.

Aside from that though we all need some "me time" and Amelia has recently collaborated with @starbucks to introduce some time out from your busy working day, listen to a podcast, get away from a screen and watch the world go by. She confirms that “it is important to take a five-minute break, get some fresh air and grab a chilled Classic Latte from the fridge.”

Amelia loves the fact that you can get the same bean used in the original Starbucks Coffee Houses, which are also used in their chilled coffee range. So you can enjoy great-tasting Starbucks coffee at any time of the day and anywhere, especially at home!

You can check out her stories @withameliataylor to discover in advance where you can buy the @starbucks chilled classic range, and they are widely available from your local supermarkets or from your online food shop, plus you have the added advantage of it being delivered straight to your door!

So there is no excuse not to make some “chill out time” with your favourite chilled coffee!!

Nov 13, 2020
Fitness & Health

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