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7 Tips for Kim K: Navigating Divorce Gracefully


7 Tips for Kim K: Navigating Divorce Gracefully

With the recent news breaking of Kim Kardashian’s plans to get a divorce from Kanye West, we know that the TV-star-turned-legal-professional will undoubtedly spend some elevated time in the spotlight. If you’ve been divorced before, this news might compel you to reflect on your own divorce and recall the advice you benefitted from throughout the journey from spouse to single.

It’s inevitable that no matter how civilized a couple is able to decide to divorce, there is heartbreak, stress, and sadness involved. That’s why we’ve put together our 7 best tips for Kim K. and others as they navigate divorce. It likely won’t be pleasant, but with this advice, you can maintain your composure as needed and remain graceful throughout the process. While many of us aren’t familiar with what it’s like spending time in such a concentrated spotlight, these tips and advice can apply to everyone, not just high profile celebrities.

  1. Prioritize Wellness & Wellbeing

This is no doubt a difficult time for Kim and her family. Whether the split has been a long time coming or is a recent surprising development for the pair, there is no divorce situation that is 100% smooth or enjoyable.

That’s why it’s so crucial to wake up each day with a mindset towards wellness. This means prioritizing the things that are best for our minds and bodies - exercise, hydration, proper nutrition, and fresh air are all on the list of non-negotiables each day following the decision to divorce. Adding these basic wellness needs to your daily checklist is one of the best ways to put yourself first and provide your body with basic needs.

  1. Quality Time with Kids

As a mom, Kim undoubtedly finds comfort in the presence of her little ones. Spending time with kids is crucial for her own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of the children. While the marriage may not have worked out in the end, the beautiful gift of children will be ever-present throughout the rest of Kim and Kanye’s life. Leaning into the company of kids during times of stress or hardship can be a great reminder of life’s opportunities for joy and serve as a creature comfort along the way.

  1. Social Media Break

When your last name is Kardashian, time in the spotlight is unavoidable. And with it comes heaps of internet and social media attention. Taking a social media break can be an effective way to distance yourself from the online attention - positive and negative comments included - and help you be more present-minded. While this is especially true for celebrities, social media breaks can be beneficial for anyone facing hardship as it eliminates opportunities for comparison, negativity, and discomfort online.

  1. Tidy Legal Affairs

Of course the Kardashian family has some of the best legal counsel available to them - not to mention Kim herself is studying to become a lawyer. Whether you are a multimillionaire or collect more humble wages, it’s crucial that you reach out to a legal team to sort through your legal affairs. Documents like your last will and testament need to be updated, and prenuptials, if prepared, will need to be referenced. Do not try to navigate the legal aspects of divorce alone, as it’s likely at least one important matter will be missed.

  1. Communicate with Kids About Divorce

In addition to spending time with children as the Kardashian family navigates this divorce, it’s important to be transparent and authentic with them about the situation. Talking to them openly about what to expect, what their wishes are, and how they feel about the situation can have a huge impact on how smoothly the family transitions throughout the process.

There are many ways to include kids in important conversations about family structure and divorce, and it is recommended to do so as opposed to keeping them in the dark, which can ultimately lead to stress and hardship for them.

  1. Call Upon your Support Network

Now more than ever, it’s important that Kim assembles her team of friends and family members who will be there to support her during times of high stress, frustration, or sadness. It is common for women navigating divorce to feel crushed by the weight of the feelings that inevitably follow such a significant life event, and that weight can be damaging to the psyche. Relying on loved ones when you are feeling low and in need of support can be a great way to harness strength and energy.

  1. Write your Next Chapter

At the end of the day, we cannot stop the passing of time. Acknowledging that sometimes, life is hard, but the hardship shall pass can help you maintain your sense of calm throughout. Next, try to embrace your opportunity to write your next chapter and create the life you’ve been longing for.

Sometimes change is scary, but the beauty of change is that we get to decide what decisions we want to make and what paths we want to follow. Channeling a sense of control over the future that lies ahead is a noteworthy coping mechanism to shape a healthy post-divorce life.

Regardless of how much money or fame one may have, you can’t escape the highs and lows following a separation. We know firsthand that these tips can make the hardship just a bit less painful. What advice would you give to Kim K following the news about her divorce?

Mar 4, 2021
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