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Fitness & Health

Patrick Hutchinson – Publishes Book - Everyone Versus Racism

As many of you may recall, back in June this year, Patrick Hutchinson, an activist and supporter of Black Lives Matter,

If I Told You To "Feed Your Fairy"...What Would You Think?

Years and years of coaching women has led me to one conclusion. Women are really rubbish at looking after themselves.
Fashion & Lifestyle

Ego Traps - How Are You Getting In Your Own Way?

Put simply, our ego is a set of survival strategies, based on our experiences commonly from our childhood where we have

Putting Your Best Foot Forward In The Digital Arena

The reality is that the world as we know it is changing rapidly, and as business owners we need to be aligned, targeted
Business & Finance

Corporate To Online CEO

Are you feeling uninspired by the corporate world and have been thinking about making the transition to starting your

An Entrepreneur's Mental Health Battle

I had a conversation with one of my strategic partners the other day on mental health.
Business & Finance

Business Tips For A Zero-Waste Founder

Laetitia Van De Walle is Founder of French-based zero waste lifestyle brand, Lamazuna.
Fashion & Lifestyle

Confidence & First Date Tips

As a relationship & dating expert and matchmaker who talks to numerous people looking for love, what should you do on
Fitness & Health

WWF Poll: 85% Of Adults In West Yorkshire Would Prefer To Pay More For Hormone Free Beef

 A new, local YouGov poll from WWF-UK has revealed that the overwhelming majority of West Yorkshire residents would

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