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What is Clarityy?

A news platform with an ethic that is unbiased in our writing and not influenced by outsiders when putting across news and information to the public. Our site is not full of clutter, banners or noise that comes with so many other sites – all so that you can get your messages across in a clear, uninterrupted manner that is easy to access and view, consume and enjoy. Welcome to Clarityy.

Why should I join Clarityy as a contributor?

It is an opportunity for you to reach a new, wider audience and grow your social media presence, all whilst healthily educating and influencing our readers about your speciality and the content you provide.

How do I become a contributor?

Just click on Sign Up and complete the short online form to apply. Our team will then review the application and let you know if you have been successful or not.

How do I setup my profile and publish my article?

Once you’re an approved contributor we will invite you to join us and then you just need to follow this simple video to get started.

Are there any guidelines contributors should follow?

Contributors need to follow our Terms of Use and will be supported with our guidelines once approved.

Can I publish content to multiple categorise?

We know you are experts in your fields and in our experience, contributors often end up in trouble when they start contributing outside these areas. Please stick to your areas of expertise in order that we can maintain the value of Clarityy in a biased world.

Want to access the Premium content?

Become a member to unlock all content. Just click on the exclusive content and sign up to your favourite contributor to get up close and personal with your favourite Influencers, Experts and Celebrities.

What are the benefits of being a Clarityy member?

Clarityy Membership enables you to access private news exclusive only to our members that want to get the inside scoop from their preferred expert or influencer.

How do I get help or ask a question?

Submit at Contact Us.